daylight / moonlight / antimatter .


Viku Chan was born in the winter-frozen city of Edmonton, Alberta, and studied at Emily Carr University in the perpetual springtime of Vancouver. He has been informed and influenced by almost every art-form in existence, from sculpture to noise rock to performance art. After having studied French in Montreal, he now living in a state of flux.

Within this framework, he seeks to explore ideas of meditation, contemplation, narcissism, identity, existence, spiritual awakening, and worship. As well, he wishes to draw parallels between the fantasy worlds created by personal alienation, and those created for the purposes of religious union: the human attempt to organize a narrative structure as a way of explaining things.

His methods are simple: to gather and accumulate raw material from various sources by means of note-taking, digital voice recorder, and/or video, and to transpose the content, in the form of sound, video, and text, to the mediums of film, video, installation, sound, sculpture, and performance.

Viku Chan’s work aims to be a commentary on human experience, as it exists in a fractured, compartmentalized system of engineered living. The whole is not greater than the sum of its parts, as life as it is lived today is not whole, but separated, divided into segments, with the self unable to decipher his/her own paradoxical experiences. This is the struggle to find meaning in a potentially meaningless world. This is his overarching theme.

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